Easy Way to Screenshot on Android

How to Screenshot on Android

To take a screenshot on Android phones, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Power + Volume Down buttons simultaneously.
  2. Hold the buttons until you see a brief on screen animation.
  3. Confirm the successful screenshot in the notification bar.

It’s essential to get the timing right—pressing the power button too soon may lock the screen, while pressing the volume button too soon could result in adjusting the volume. Additionally, on Android Pie, there’s a shortcut added to the power menu for a convenient way to capture screenshots.

How to Screenshot on Android Samsung Devices

To take a screenshot on Samsung devices, there are several methods:

Button Combination

  • Press and hold the ‘Power’ button and the ‘Volume down’ button simultaneously for 1 to 2 seconds.
  • Look for a screen flash or change, indicating a successful screenshot.

Hand Gestures

  • Position your hand as if preparing for a karate chop.
  • Swipe the entire side of your hand along the screen from left to right to capture a screenshot.
  • To enable this feature, go to ‘Settings,’ ‘Advanced features,’ ‘Motion and gestures,’ and set up ‘Palm swipe to capture.’

Voice Command (if Bixby is available):

  • If your Samsung phone has Bixby, use voice commands to ask the voice assistant to take a screenshot.

These options provide users with flexibility in choosing the method that suits them best, whether it’s using physical buttons, hand gestures, or voice commands.

How to Screenshot on Android Google Pixel Devices

To capture a screenshot on Google Pixel devices, follow these steps:

  1. Open the screen you want to capture.
  2. Simultaneously press the ‘Power’ and ‘Volume down’ buttons.
  3. Your phone will take a picture of the screen, saving it in your gallery.
  4. A preview of your screenshot will appear at the bottom left.

Additionally, if your Google Pixel phone has Google Assistant, you can use voice commands to instruct the voice assistant to take a screenshot for you. This provides users with multiple options for capturing screenshots, either through button combinations or voice commands.

Other Method to Take Screenshot

Use Gestures

Several Android devices offer gesture-based methods to capture screenshots, eliminating the need for button presses. On Samsung phones, for instance, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Advanced Features > Motions and Gestures.
  • Enable “Palm Swipe to Capture.”
  • Once enabled, you can capture a screenshot by swiping your hand over the screen at a 90-degree angle. 

This feature provides users with a convenient and hands-free alternative to traditional button combinations for taking screenshots.

Use Quick Settings

Certain manufacturers include a screenshot button in Android’s Quick Settings menu, providing a convenient alternative for capturing screenshots. Here’s how to use it:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Quick Settings menu.
  • Look for an option labeled “Screen Capture,” “Screenshot,” or a similar term.

If you don’t see the screenshot option, it may be hidden. To customize the Quick Settings panel and reveal the screenshot button:

  • Tap the pencil icon.
  • Modify the displayed shortcut buttons on the menu according to your preferences.

This method offers users an accessible way to capture screenshots directly from the Quick Settings menu, streamlining the process.

Use Google Assistant to Take a Screenshot

You can capture a hands-free screenshot on your Android device by utilizing Google Assistant. Follow these steps:

  1. Say “Hey Google” to wake up the assistant.
  2. Then, say “Take a screenshot.”

This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where hands-free operation is desired, such as when cooking or eating while watching YouTube. It offers a convenient alternative for users who prefer voice commands.

Note: On Samsung phones, some users may prefer using Bixby over Google Assistant for screenshot capture, as there have been complaints about Google Assistant not saving screenshots in the gallery on Samsung devices, only allowing for instant sharing. This is not an issue with Bixby.

Where are Screenshots Saved Android

After taking a screenshot on Android device, a thumbnail may briefly appear at the bottom of the screen, with options to edit and share. However, if left untouched, this thumbnail will disappear after a few seconds.

Confusion may arise regarding the location of saved screenshots. However, rest assured that screenshots are safely stored in a folder named “Screenshots” on your device. Typically, you can locate them within the Screenshots album, which is usually in the same location as other photos you capture. This standardized storage location ensures easy access to your screenshots alongside your other images.

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